Our new location is 1525 Median Ave. in the City of Shasta Lake. We are part of the new Visitors Center housing a Museum, Library and Chamber of Commerce. 

Mailing address: P.O. Box 562, Shasta Lake, CA 96019. Email: slhandhs@gmail.com. 

Joan, one of the hardest working volunteers! This was just the beginning, the room is full now and we are very busy unpacking our treasures. 

MARKET PLACE RADIO did a piece on Infrastructures "When Public Works employed millions" and it included comments from some DAM KIDS (all in their 80's) Barbara & Don Cross, Del Hiebert and Ruth Ann Kobe, about life during the construction of Shasta Dam. For the story with photos and more comments, go to MPR's website:


OR: you can listen to the podcast by click the mp3 link attached below:



One can only image what it was like in those days of construction on Shasta Dam in the late 30's and early 40's. These are just a few of the many photographs in our collection. 


Working on the Pit River Bridge under construction.  In the picture above, look down at the river, that is the old Pit River Bridge in the background. 

Not many of the early workers are still among us. From the construction years, "those men of steel" are like all the WWII veterans, aging rapidly and will soon be only in our memories. The oldest worker in our area, James "Jim" Brock, was honored in last year's November Veteran's Day Parade in our City (WWII Veteran), and celebrated his 104th birthday in December! 

Board of Directors

Darlene V. Brown,  President

Del Hiebert,  Vice President

Henry "Butch" Hurlhey, Recording Secretary

Kay Kobe, Treasurer

Mike Daniels, Director

Del Hiebert, Director

Joan Jennings, Director

Lena Locke, Director

Kayle Rhodes, Director

Marian Trapp, Director

Deb West, Director

Barbara Cross, Past President and Director


Preparing the site for Shasta Dam. 

Our book "Those Dam Kids" is a great addition to any book collection. Almost 300 pages, it is full of photos and short stories by the offspring of the workers on Shasta Dam.  Sharing their memories during the "Boomtown Years", it is a quick must read and sure to be a collectible book in years to come.  Above is Mr. Mathew Rumboltz with "those Dam kids" and the first 7th & 8th grade students at Toyon School 1938. click: those-dam-kids-book.php

The BELTLINE taking aggregate to the Dam site. 

 Many photographs shown on our website are personal photos and can not be used for commercial purposes in any form. Please contact us for permission of use on any reproduction of any of the photographs within our website. Thank you.