We are ALL VOLUNTEERS, small in numbers but big in accomplishments and a State and Federal licensed non-profit organization. An educational society, preserving the history, heritage & culture of the Shasta Lake area …..early pioneers, Native Americans, people who came to work on Shasta Dam, early businesses, residents & their lives, and the community spirit & events that led the Boomtowns to becoming a City.

In 2001, we came into being because of the foresight of two ladies, Barbara Cross and Evelyn Hoppes, whose fathers worked on Shasta Dam, and who felt the history & culture of the area needed to be preserved. They enlisted the service of friends, Darlene Brown, Del Hiebert, Ruth Huey, Ray Siner, and Jack Trapp to form the first Board of Directors.

Though we have many photographs of Shasta Dam, the society's main focus is on the people who came seeking work on Shasta Dam, and the history of the surrounding area. We have well over 6,000 photos & articles in our database, the majority of which were donated by members & people wishing to preserve our heritage. 

    We have displays and showcases filled with memorabilia from dam workers, their families, veterans, a collection of mining & lumber tools, school mementos and more. Our office has a computer bank of photographs, bookcases filled with recorded interviews, maps, reference material and showcases. Our collection includes photos and stories about the cities under the water of Shasta Lake and we:
    • Have a recording studio to preserve your memories
    • Publish a newsletter 3x a year
    • Maintain a display case at City Hall
    • Have a gift shop with local crafts
    • Create videos from historical photographs with personal stories
    • Provide visual & oral presentations to local schools and/or organizations about our heritage. 
    • Collect research material 

    Museum Hours: After October 20th, we will be open for
    Winter hours: M/T/W and Saturday 10-2
    Summer hours: M/T/W and Saturday 9-1 
    If you need information, need a private tour or have items to donate or loan, please call 530.275.3995 or contact us: slhandhs@gmail.com 


     Like our website? We appreciate your feedback and donations to continue our projects. Thank you for your support. 

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