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We publish a newsletter, “Headtower News” three times a year. Click on the link above to see samples of past newsletters. It features photographs and stories contributed by members, and tells of the latest events and projects we are doing. The "Head Tower" was the name of the Pacific Constructors Inc. company safety publication produced weekly for the workers on Shasta Dam c1938. The original publication heading, was the model for the sketch shown, and was drawn for us by Ab Burns, an artist, and one of the many construction workers on Shasta Dam.

The "Head Tower" was the ingenious design by Frank Crowe, Superintendent for Pacific Constructors, Inc. The company won the bid for the construction of Shasta Dam. The Head Tower operated cables to tail towers placed in different locations carrying buckets of cement to the construction site. 

Do you have any stories or photographs that you would like to share with us? We are constantly in search of pictures and stories. If you have any, please contact us at

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