You are looking at a picture of Annie Ingle, a Native American Wintu bronc-busting woman in the 20th century. Annie is just one of the many interesting and inspiring stories in our new book. Thanks to a grant funded by the Women's Fund in Shasta County, we have published the new book, "Empowered Women of Shasta County". 

While Shasta Lake Heritage & Historical Society took the lead on publishing the book, it was a collaborative effort by and for all the local societies and museums in Shasta County to raise awareness of their existence and foster volunteerism. 

 It is a great read while supporting the endeavors of local societies that preserve history for future generations, as without them, valuable research will be lost...

Annie Alexander, Ella Barbera, the Bass Sisters, Jean Beauchamp, Genevieve Behrens, Rosaline Bell, Mae Helene Boggs, Hazel Boothroyd, Josephine Bosworth, Marie Carr, Martha Charles, Phoebe Colburn, Donna Coleman, Barbara Cross, Lala Curl, Marian Dimmick, Irene Dozier, Edna Eaton, Ruth Fish, Margaret Flanagan, Opal Foxx, Mabel Frisbie, Rosena Giles, Martha Gregory, Stella Gregory, Evelyn Hoppes, Ruth Huey, Annie Ingle, Florence Jones, Verna Kank, Charlotte Kingsbury, Amanda Klukkert, Julia Litsch, Estella Loomis, Isaac Lowe, Esther Mardon, Leah McConnell, Bertha Merrill, Rubenia Mitchell, Eleanor Parkin, Margaret Polf, Mary Rader, Alice Reading, Gladys Rumboltz, Veronica Satorius, Alma Sears, Zola Shuman, Winona Simmons, Cleora Smith, May Southern, Molly Wilson and acknowledgments to Marlys Barbosa, RuthAnn Kobe and Marian Trapp and mentionable of Catherine Kobe and Hazel McKim. 

(The book will be available in the local museums)