2016   PURCHASE "LAZY, HAZY, CRAZY DAYS OF SUMMER"  $12.25 includes tax & shipping
Ah, a DVD made in 2016 filled with vintage movie film, some great old photographs and some personal stories. Movie clips recovered from an undeveloped, damaged TV promotional film taken in 1957-58 about recreation in Northern California, mainly Shasta Lake. We give you a little history about each place we pass by..... 
We have 3 Chapters: 
(1) Shasta Lake. Waterskiing and fishing on Shasta Lake, early Bridge Bay resort, Centimudi, Slaugherhouse Island then up the Sacramento Arm to Shasta Marina, Gooseneck Cove, Lakehead and Lakeshore Resort. Then up the McCloud Arm to Government Dock, Poor Ole Craig's Dock/O'Brien Harbor and across the Arm to Lake Shasta Caverns and the town of Baird beneath the Lake- ending with up the Pit River Arm to a few fishing spots and seeing the remains of Bully Hill smelter near Copper City( under the lake.)
(2) Baseball - What would America be without baseball in the summer? Some old classic film clips, and an interview & film highlights of John Strohmayer, local boy who made it into the Majors and memories recalled by Helen Presidio and local girls softball.
(3) Road Trips - So what did we do in the 50's? We took family road trips - Burney Falls, Mt. Lassen (we've included some scenes of the eruption in 1915) Trinity Alps, Yosemite Park, Lookouts, popular swimming & fishing holes and a horseback ride in the mountains.
Just memories of simpler times.....and Kodak moments.....                  
L/R: Pete Droesch recalls a road trip with his brothers.   O'Brien Boat Harbor.   Damboree Parade Queens boat ride on Shasta Lake.  Early photo of Bridge Bay Resort. Lassen Peak Lookout. John Strohmayer pitching for the Montreal Expo's.