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60 minutes in length, this video is not a documentary on the history of WWI,WWII, or the Korean War. Rather, it is a tribute to Shasta County veterans and their families, documenting their service to our country from 1917-1958. With narrations, historical audio clips and nearly 300 photos, it contains both personal and public archival material used to enhance the production. The personal photos are of local men, women, family members, and their friends. Their service was in our country, on foreign shores in the Pacific Ocean, on land in Europe, Asia, Africa, and in the Orient. The photos include service in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, and Special Forces such as the Seabees, 10th Mtn. Division and 101st Airborne. It features over 50 short stories elicited from various Shasta County sources including interview excerpts of Shasta Dam workers who served during WWII, and surviving family members and descendants. A glimpse into the happenings on the home front - all creating memories, the following veterans are identified:

Allison, Baker, Barger, Barnhart, Baugh, Bell, Bridges, Brock, C W Brown, C O Brown, L Brown, O Brown, R Brown, R W Brown, J N Buese Jr., Buese, Burge, A Burns, P Burns, N Burns, C Burns, R Burns, Carpenter, F Carr, K Carr, L Carr, P Carr, Carter, G Cerepa, J Cerepa, R Cerepa, Chambers, Chestnut, Coulter, Craft, D Cross, M Cross, R Cross, Cullis, Cupp, Dale, F Daniels, G Daniels, U V Daniels, E Davis, T Davis, Dorman, Downing, Downs, Dupre, Elverud, D Endicott, J Endicott, M Endicott, L Endicott, Erickson, Evans, Fine, Flanagan, Fletcher, Forte, Frisbie, Gardner, Garner, Getchell, Glacken, Gomes, Graeff, Granger, Gregory, L Grove, W Grove, W G Grove, D Haner, J Haner, Hardin, Hardt, Heasley, Heidel, Hendrickson, D Hiebert, R Hiebert, Higgins, A Hoppes, L Hoppes, D Hubbard, G Hubbard, M Hubbard, W Hubbard, Humiston, J. Humphrey Jr., Hursey, Johnson, Jones, Kank, Kelley, F Kobe Jr., Kohn, Kuehne, Lefler, Longnecker, Louis, A Lower Jr., A Lower Sr., Malcolm, Majdic, McCardle, E McConnell, F McConnell, M L McConnell, T McConnell, McDaniel, Menzie, F Miller, J Miller, L Miller, Murphy, Nucholls, O'Brien, Potter, Pope, Preston, Rowland, Schell, Schuette, Seely, Sholfield, C Shoup, E Shoup, F Shoup, L Shoup, M Shoup, Siemers, D Slaughter, R Slaughter, B Smith, E Smith, J Spear, V Spear, Stephan, Stewart, Stoppenbrink, Stotts, Stremple, Stubblefield, R K Sullivan, Tavey, Taylor, D Tenney, H Tenney, Thorne, Tingey, Tullis, Underwood, Varela, Warmack, Walters, and White. 

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